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Jun 16 2017

Will Fair Share Fees Survive

Will fair share fees survive? Since at least 1977, it has been legal for public employee unions to collect fair share fees from non-members to support the collective bargaining operations of the unions. As stated in Abood v. Detroit Bd. of Ed. 431 U. S. 209 (1977): “Insofar as the service charges are used to […]

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Jun 13 2017

Arbitrators Have the Authority to Define Insubordination and Just Cause

What is insubordination? Perhaps more importantly, who gets to decide what constitutes insubordination. If an employee covered by a collective bargaining agreement is terminated for insubordination, the Cuyahoga County Court of Appeals has ruled that a neutral arbitrator, in deciding whether there was just cause for the termination, has the authority to not only define […]

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